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So about that Twitter thing here: privacy.twitter.com/en/blog/20

- 2022-01: Twitter learns of a vuln allowing anyone to find the account a phone number or e-mail is connected to. They "had no evidence" of it being exploited, so they took their time.

- 2022-07: Fix is deployed. They still didn't tell anyone.

- 2022-08: Twitter learns it _was_ exploited, and a data dump is already on sale.

Sounds like a bog standard #security incident, but here's the kicker:

- 2022-03: #Russia invades #Ukraine.


The FTC takes aim at commercial surveillance.


The fusion of commercial and state is baked into the companies' business models, which rely on the state's dependence on commercial surveillance data, which, in turn, makes the state unwilling to regulate commercial surveillance.

«Will Force a Blackout?
Regulators are close to stopping from sending data to the , bringing a years-long battle to a head».


Meta is going to have to look at some form of geo-siloing if they want to continue to operate in the EU.

The Masked service from provides a better alternative to ’s Hide My Email service, comes with the option to use a custom domain, and is fully integrated into .


«Amazon and One Medical Sign an Agreement for Amazon to Acquire One Medical»
One Medical is a human-centered, technology-powered U.S. primary care organization.


Are you ready to give access to your records?

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Planned Parenthood is telling people, rightfully, to stop using period tracking apps, as they embed trackers that give data to authorities in anti-choice states.

Meanwhile, I count several third party trackers on plannedparenthood.org


Sometime I feel like I get more joy from keeping my instance up than writing on it. I am a nerdy sys-admin before than a funny social-addicted guy.

It was different years ago. I used to spend hours on when I was younger. Something broke with the I live today.

As of Feb 2017 (outlook.live.com/) scans emails arriving in your inbox and it sends all found URLs to , to be indexed by Bing crawler.

This effectively makes all one-time use links like login/pass-reset/etc useless.


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"When you sign up to a Google
account, what the tech giant offers you is a #FastTrackToSurveillance instead of #privacy by design. Enough! Together with consumer groups from our network, we are taking action & asking data protection authorities to step in."

European consumer groups take action against #Google for pushing users towards its #surveillance system

#Europe #EuropeanUnion #GDPR #ConsumerRights #ConsumerProtection #GMail #GoogleMaps #Spyware #Spying

«The fact that is considered legal for a to compile perfect records of your private life simply because you had to "click OK to continue" to make your phone work is a perfect expression of who holds the in and why they should be cast into the sea».

- Edward

«Italian SA bans use of Analytics»

A website using (GA) without the safeguards set out in the EU violates data protection law because it transfers users’ data to the , which is a country without an adequate level of .


The Bergamot Project funded by the «European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme» released a addo-on useful to do offline translations in order to preserve your (when you use Translate you submit your data to Google's AI).


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