As today, nested inside 52 groups, I am storing 748 password but my life is pretty easy.

I need to know only one of them: my master .

The average password lenght is 20 characters.

My favourite password manager? .

It's for free, opensource, multi-platform. You can find multiple forks but I would suggest to focus on and

Are you with me? 🙂

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If you use #GMail, #Google keeps records of everything you buy, even if you delete the email receipt, and even if you didn't buy the product from them. Here's metadata from my takeout showing price, delivery address, description, vendor, etc. #privacy

«Discomfort or dissatisfaction with self and everything else is the kryptonite marketers have, telling us that we’re losers or less-than without the right car, the right watch or a full head of hair». - «The Disconnect Between “Happiness” and “More”» by George Hahn

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What is all about and its kryptonite:

«[...] Quite the contrary. In the interest of making a profit by selling things, and contentment are the enemy. Discontent is the spark that ignites the burn and yearn for something more, something bigger, something else. It’s all about what we don’t have, where we aren’t, with whom we aren’t.» (1/2)

«Study about the impact of open source and on technological independence, competitiveness and innovation in the economy».

The study aims to investigate the economic impact of Open Source Software and Hardware on the EU .

Social media profits off hate and anger because it generates more . Let’s fight back with compassion.

Take Control:

Pause → Remember there’s a real person behind the screen: Don’t be so quick to unfollow or publicly argue with someone who posts something you disagree with‍.

Be compassionate → Try a private message to ask why they feel that way, with genuine curiosity and a desire to understand.

Have you ever tried to open a new box while using ?

You will have a hard time.

Prove me wrong.

A evaluation of the top 10 streaming apps indicate that all apps (except Apple TV+) have privacy practices that put consumers' privacy at considerable risk including selling data, sending third‐party marketing communications, displaying targeted advertisements, tracking users across other sites and services, and creating profiles for data brokers.

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Apple is throwing away an absolute competitive advantage over Google ( To wit: it doesn’t have an absolute competitive advantage on performance, screen resolution, …, not even usability and experience.

I’d really love to know what exactly the US government (see has threatened them with to make a trillion-dollar company like Apple with a fiduciary duty to its shareholders announce (and then double-down on) this decision.

Are you really sure Analytics is the best tool to your users?

concerns aside the tools is widely blocked resulting in your stats to be misleading.

«58% of Hacker News, Reddit and tech-savvy audiences block Google Analytics»

«If you’re an enterprising pedophile with a basement full of -tainted iPhones, welcomes you to entirely exempt yourself from these scans by simply flipping the “Disable Photos” switch, a bypass which reveals that this system was never designed to protect children, as they would have you believe».

«We know what you did during ».

An interrogation scene explores how has exposed the tension between the need for data to track and trace, and the right to privacy and justice.

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OK. This is quite technical. But TL;DR - the neural hash system #Apple uses for their CSAM detection has been confronted with its first possible collision by some good hackers. This dog might be marked by the system as suspicious. Ouch. Issue 1 at

«In 2030, you won't own any gadgets»

When you buy a device that requires proprietary to run, the money you hand over is an entry fee, nothing more.

«Their terms of your use» is a pretty accurate definition of the policies we are used to approve.

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