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threat notifications are designed to inform and assist users who may have been targeted by state-sponsored attackers.


In a series of 21 lawsuits, TikTok was accused of improperly using and acquiring private information.

has also agreed to stop disclosing users’ personal data to third parties like and and will also cease to record users’ facial features and track their location using .

It’s funny how a lot of on the black market are unable to mine the same amount of data.


« disrupted? Personal information and influence»

"Statements by representatives of Leave.EU made in 2016 indicated that had worked for them."

There is only one way to build a better future: STOP the user data-mining industry.

As a user, right now, you can only vote with your choose.

STOP using any service unable to guarantee your . Your kids will thank you later.


PrivacyTests is an open-source testing program that measures characteristics (fingerprinting resistance, partitioning between websites, etc.) and renders the results for human consumption.


«The end of an era: from self-regulation to hard law for the digital »


It is time to acknowledge that self-regulation did not work, and that now voluntary alignment with ethical principles needs to be replaced by legal compliance with the .

« apps can tell many things about you through the accelerometer»

At first glance, accelerometer data seems to be innocuous. It’s only about moving and rotating the , right? Can that breach your ?

Since access to the is not protected by a system permission, are not required to inform users about why they need the access.


«There’s no escape from , even if you don’t use it».

You pay for Facebook with your . Here’s how it keeps raising the price.


Letting or manage your means informing them about your habits day by day (when and how long you stay in the bathroom, what time in the morning you go to the kitchen and so on) giving them more and more power.

If you're intrigued by , have a look at , a terrific project. All the data you generate will stay within your home.


is like when you find a new box to sell your old shoes.

Don’t be fooled: the people behind didn’t turn on a dime today.

«In the future everyone will want to be anonymous for 15 minutes».

«If you weaken encryption, people will die».

doesn't mince his words.

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Is there any self-hosted bit.ly alternative that is good out there?

I have the following requirements:

- PHP-based with a mariaDB backend
- Only registered users can create links
- Well maintained
- Free Software

#askfediverse #askfedi

«The Internet shouldn't feel so creepy and getting the you deserve online should be as simple as closing the blinds».

What Is the business model for ?


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