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youtube removing community captions is so fucked up honestly. it's a massive fuck you to those with hearing issue, language processioning issues like some can have with autism, pretty much all non english speakers or those in the process of learning which media immersion is an amazing way to learn I may add. and there's literally no reason to do it than google doing what they always do, killing off services and features because fuck you

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“Select all images with parking meters”. How am I supposed to know what a US parking meter looks like?!

Stop using this imperialist Google CAPTCHA spyware on your websites!

Google is banning the 3rd party cookie, which, given its ownership of , search, Android, etc means it can track the user while others cannot. With this rule change will bestow a data monopoly on itself. Filing argues for delay until European regulations take effect.


«What if the trauma of living through real conspiracies all around us — conspiracies among wealthy people, their lobbyists, and lawmakers to bury inconvenient facts and evidence of wrongdoing (these conspiracies are commonly known as “corruption”) — is making people vulnerable to theories?»

How to destroy capitalism:


A draft law would make it a crime to circulate an image of a officer with the intention that they be harmed.

Critics say it hinders press and the ability to hold officers accountable.


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I'm wondering if the EDPB shouldn't intervene with an official communication against #Microsoft as they are once again misleading the public, first with their invalid SCCs and now by stating they comply and exceed EDPB's recommendations.

There is absolutely nothing in their blog and attached document that resembles any of the additional measures required to comply with EDPB's recommendations but it seems like it doesn't really matter to them.

#SchremsII #Privacy


83 introduces HTTPS-Only Mode


I enabled it to get more visibility on websites not yet updated to HTTPS. Will you?

How the U.S. Military Buys Location Data from Ordinary .

«A Muslim prayer app with over 98 million downloads is one of the apps connected to a wide-ranging supply chain that sends ordinary people's personal data to brokers, contractors, and the military. [...] It is safe to say from this context that the reasonable consumer—who is not a tech person—would not have military uses of their data in mind, even if they read the disclosures».


ViDL is a free app that allows you to easily download videos from and hundreds of other websites for offline viewing.

It is based on the popular youtube-dl command line tool, but much easier to use, especially with videos/playlists that require a login (like your personal "Watch Later" list).


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Campaign “Reclaim Your Face” calls for a Ban on Biometric Mass Surveillance.

Civil society across Europe demands that national authorities listen to their communities about the risks of using and other biometric technologies in public spaces. The coalition calls to ban biometric mass , in reaction to the rapid and secretive roll out of invasive and unlawful technologies by police forces and authorities in many countries.


Note to self: don't be that guy moaning and yelling every day on a social. Be proactive, be positive, share happiness and knowledge. You will get it back.

Please check your timeline and stop sharing negativity, it happens, we can see it w/o your unuseful comments.

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Good to see #EU #EDPB is finally confirming what I wrote a few months ago:

Some US #Cloud providers lied to you when stating a new contract would fix #GDPR compliance.

More, sometimes impractical, measures must be implemented to be able to allow US corporation to process/transfer EU citizens personal data:

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Here’s how a well-connected security company is quietly building mass biometric databases in West Africa with EU aid funds: meet Civipol.


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