“Privacy is a competition issue, but privacy regulators’ failure to enforce privacy rules is the persistent failure that holds back progress – even more than the slow turning of the antitrust wheels.”

@emanuele Despite being mostly a "free marketer" I'm not sure it really is a competition issue. Competition works for things consumers care about and have good information about, and privacy is not one of those things.

What I'd like to see is real liability when there are breaches and leaks, and I mean business-ending liability, not the slaps on the wrist we've previously seen. Yahoo and Equifax should have ceased to exist because of their breaches.

@emanuele IMO companies should be *terrified* of collecting or holding personal information, but they're falling all over themselves to collect, store, and sell as much as they can. We focus on Google and Facebook, but the wireless carriers and ISPs are much worse offenders in many ways, at least in the US, selling personally identifiable location and browsing data outright instead of just targeting ads based on it.

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