Why does Mozilla Corporation exist?

Because Google (and Baidu, etc.) pay it ~ $500,000,000 a year

Why do Google (and Baidu, etc.) pay it so much?

Because it gives them access to track you.

#mozilla #BigTech #PeopleFarming #SurveillanceCapitalism

@aral could you please clarify how are they using Firefox to track on you?

@kuba_ @aral you can change it. I am looking for something on Firefox that is tracking on you with no choice.

@Shamar @emanuele @kuba_ ohj hahja, thaat "bug" report yay; the whole bug report just says "JavaScript is remote code execution" and proposes to disable JavaScript. 🤣


Not only #Javascript! 😉
Even other "features" like meta refresh, that could be used to hide an attack.

Attack that was actually exploited in the wide from Russian Government few months later.

@emanuele was looking for "something on #Firefox that is tracking on you with no choice" and in fact you do not even have a way to disable #JS and re-enable it with one click on a per #Web site base (like you have even on #GoogleChrome ! ! !).

Also Emanuele, you should consider that if people around you and people like you are tracked and profiled by #Google because of default firefox's settings (like default search engine), the end result is that you can still be manipulated and influenced through them.

That's why defaults should be #privacy friendly by default.

People should explicitly choose to opt-in #Surveillance, not opt-in #security/privacy.



@Shamar @rugk @kuba_ I do strongly agree with your last sentences. Maybe that's the main reason, all the others are technical settings you can setup accordingly to your preferences.

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