Why does Mozilla Corporation exist?

Because Google (and Baidu, etc.) pay it ~ $500,000,000 a year

Why do Google (and Baidu, etc.) pay it so much?

Because it gives them access to track you.

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@aral could you please clarify how are they using Firefox to track on you?

@kuba_ @aral you can change it. I am looking for something on Firefox that is tracking on you with no choice.

@emanuele @kuba_ @aral

Go on about:config and look for "google".

For example, you will see that "safe-browsing" functionality is basically the google's service.

@arofarn @kuba_ @aral You can disable this one, do you think is it forced enabled somehow?

You can but will you ? there is alternative proposed or easy way to configure an alternative.

And it's not even written that it is google behind this service.
If you don't look for it, you can easily believe that is just a function of Firefox or a service of Mozilla.

And there is also the geolocalisation service : if you don' disable it, geolocalisation is made by google services with your IP (if no other sources like GPS on a phone/tablet).

@kuba_ @aral


@arofarn @kuba_ @aral I actually customized my installation so yes, I do it. I do agree anyway the process is not perfect and some functionalities should be opt-in instead of opt-out.

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