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I guess a lot of people here will find themselves in this post. Who's with me? 😃

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@emanuele @nolan Hmmm, for speech-to-text I like Voice2JSON. Why does everything else seem to be Service-as-a-Software-Substitute?

Yup, describes me quite well! Largely manifests in my non-mainstream taste in entertainment...

@emanuele @nolan Haha, there's so much "of me" inside your blogpost! +1 for #lineageos without google and a phone which is a few years old (free #covid app fork #cctg @CCTG ), #nextcloud #selfhosted locally, smart TV without internet access. Yes, it's a bit more work but I'd do it again and I'm learning new stuff all the time. What kind of trouble is #nextcloud giving you? By the way, you can always get to your stuff using a #VPN 🙃

@M4x hi there, the author of the post is @nolan
Anyway I am an happy nextcloud user (I own one public instance and one LAN instance I am already used to reach via VPN).

@M4x @emanuele I'm running NextCloud on a Raspberry Pi; it's a bit underpowered for it. And the UI is not great, especially the Android app which is slow as molasses. Plus it only works on my local network. I know I could set up remote access through VPN or some other means, but it's extra work and extra security attack surface so I haven't bothered.

@nolan @M4x On my side, I am used to reach/protect all my local services via VPN. The attack surface this way is very limited and hard enough.

Having a "cloud file storage" an not being able to reach it from the outside is not useful to my needs.

@emanuele @nolan Ah okay. Are you using an older Pi model? I'm running the local #nextcloud on a qnap #nas within a VM running #ubuntu. Regarding the app: I don't have such issues :breadthink:

I'm using the VPN stuff which comes with my router (FritzBox) so no #selfhosting work there.

Regarding smart watches: I've received my first one today, a #pinetime. I've only updated the firmware so far. Maybe that's something for you too.

@M4x @nolan My LAN services run on a box (an HP MicroServer actually). I am not a big fan of QNAP/Synology's NAS and I really appreciate the jails on which really are a step forward on mantaining the services isolated, clean and updated.

The VPN is running on an EdgeRouter by Ubiquiti.

@emanuele @nolan That's basically me in a nutshell. I'm a free software purist and might as well join a monastery soon.

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