«The Internet shouldn't feel so creepy and getting the you deserve online should be as simple as closing the blinds».

What Is the business model for ?

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@emanuele Every time I install a web browser I find myself building a custom profile and installing about 8 add-ons just to make the web actually useable... the world's gone mad! 🙄

@mootParadox the same applies to me. Which extensions are your must-to-have?

@emanuele Don't know if my setup is ideal, but I start with which seems to eliminate some privacy abuse and annoyance, but I still have to manually change some settings. I prefer blank new pages/tabs, and I reset the search engine options. The profile maker installs some add-ons, but I'm manually adding a couple too: HTTPS Everywhere, Decentraleyes, CanvasBlocker, Privacy Badger, AbblockPlus, uBlock Origin, ClearURLs, BitWarden, and finally, I Don't Care About Cookies.

@emanuele I know lots of people are turning against Firefox... not sure I really want to change yet though. The AdblockPlus add-on might be duplication, but without it I was finding some streaming TV ads were still getting through. I'm also running a RPi DNS sink-hole with Adguard Home...

@mootParadox Thanks for bringing back in my mind ffprofile! Anyway, my list is pretty similar. I don't like HTTPS Everywhere since is obsolete and doesn't work as expected (

@emanuele Thanks for the link - I hadn't seen that info before, but wondered how useful it is these days. Sounds like it's not far from retirement too... -> With Let's Encrypt, and others, I'm always a quite surprised on the rare occasions when an HTTP link turns up. 😉

@emanuele I'm using LibreWolf + metager, you as ad targer disappear for a while

@castrillo thanks for your feedback. I am an happy DuckDuckGo user. MetaGer is nice but afaik it's mostly useful for germans.

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