Think of it: what are you doing right now here is communicate/socialize with people without , data-harvesting, ghost-control of your behaviour.
That's life changing to me. It's like when breathing fresh air.

is digital fresh air. 🙂

That's something you should give credit to and value in your life.

I know the is no perfect. Nothing is.

Don't be fooled from one bad-managed instance. That's not the entire network.

You are free to move away as when you change your email provider. You can join another instance close to your ideas and culture. You can run your own one.

In any case you will be able to speak with those you want to and ignore what's away from your spirit.


You will gain freedom from , from capitalistic dynamics inside the network (i.e. suggested timeline playing with your emotions...) and will promote a user-respecting web. This will pay long term.

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