The German Court ruled that use of Fonts without prior consent is a violation of Europe’s (General Data Protection Regulation) because exposes the visitor’s IP address. Court’s ruling threatens a fine of €250,000 for each case of infringement if the site owner does not comply.

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@emanuele ok now I want to see the WhatsApp-phonebook-upload case

@emanuele there really is an all out assault on the internet isn't there :comfycoffeewoozy:
@colinsmatt11 @emanuele well if you use a font the state wants to theft money with a fine, if you link to another webpage they want to theft money with a link tax, if you use a cookie to control a load balancer (haproxy uses this for sticky sessions) now you need to add a pile of crap to the front page or the government does another theft with a fine, if they're unhappy with the way that panel is laid out then france will theft you with a fine, if you don't dox yourself then the germanics and a few others theft you with a fine

oh yea we care about privacy that's why you have none and it's law to send chat logs to the police based on a rotation of keyword filters we'll supply :blobcatrollingeyes:
Good reason to stop using web and move to something beyond their understanding.
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