The Electronic Frontier Foundation built a new site to tell you whether or not you are a test subject in ’s latest experiment. Visit Am I ’ed to see if your is putting you into one of their new categories.

"Defending your privacy – our – is a civic duty," argues Carissa Véliz.

"When we tell companies about ourselves, we give away details about others, too.”

A switch has silently been flipped in millions of instances of : those browsers will begin sorting their users into groups based on behavior, then sharing group labels with third-party trackers and advertisers around the .

Facebook’s for Will Be Money

«On the surface it seems like such a platform would be bad for business, lowering the number of users who can view . says the app wouldn’t be about its bottom line. In reality, such an app could make its ad-targeting ability across its platforms even better.»

Would you like to discover who track your surfing?

Here you are a plugin to visualize 3rd-party connections between sites.

Google’s FLoC is a terrible idea.

«Every site you visit will have a good idea about what kind of person you are on first contact, without having to do the work of you across the ».

That's the result of proclaming the end of third-party cookies.

«The great hack» is a great you should see to better understand how data harvesting is changing history and society.

For any app that asks for your Contacts list: unless you contact each & every person in your list & ask their permission to share their birthday, phone #, real location, all emails, & any notes you have on them w the app you want to install, do not click Allow. It is unethical.

«We need privacy to explore new ideas freely, to make up our own minds. protects us from unwanted pressures and abuses of power. We need it to be autonomous individuals, and for democracies to function well we need citizens to be autonomous».

Location tracking apps and implications

«Thanks to machine learning techniques, these data provide sensitive information such as the place where users live, their habits, interests, demographics, and information about users' personalities».

‘Smart’ TVs Track Everything You Watch

Disconnect your from the and use a set top box or stick with some degree of you can control. Even if you’re not worried about the privacy angle, it’s just a waste of bandwidth.

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