«If you weaken encryption, people will die».

doesn't mince his words.

«The Internet shouldn't feel so creepy and getting the you deserve online should be as simple as closing the blinds».

What Is the business model for ?


Is anybody on here actively using as main ? I am planning to use it instead of Firefox.

For all other: LibreWolf is a fork of focused on .


Are you still blaming for its implementation? Did you know is active and running every day on every content you send using ?

As long as you stay with your mailbox don’t expect any on your contents.

Google sends the images to , which sends them on to LE Task Force. The agent can open the attachment sans warrant.


Beta 1.3 is now available for download!

Featuring the new File Sharing experiment! Share files with both contacts & groups without a centralized file server.


Do you need to use even if is out there?

Have a look at Whoogle-Search then, a self-hosted, ad-free, privacy-respecting metasearch engine.


says health apps must notify consumers about data breaches — or face fines.

Apps that fail to disclose incidents can be fined over $43,000 per violation per day.


«Recognizing People in Photos Through Private On-Device Machine Learning»

Photos (on , , and ) uses a number of machine learning algorithms, running privately on-device, to help curate and organize images, Live , and videos.

That's the biggest difference with .

Do you want to know more how it happens?


As today, nested inside 52 groups, I am storing 748 password but my life is pretty easy.

I need to know only one of them: my master .

The average password lenght is 20 characters.

My favourite password manager? .

It's for free, opensource, multi-platform. You can find multiple forks but I would suggest to focus on keepass.info and keepassxc.org

Are you with me? 🙂

«Discomfort or dissatisfaction with self and everything else is the kryptonite marketers have, telling us that we’re losers or less-than without the right car, the right watch or a full head of hair». - «The Disconnect Between “Happiness” and “More”» by George Hahn


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Have you ever tried to open a new box while using ?

You will have a hard time.

Prove me wrong.

A evaluation of the top 10 streaming apps indicate that all apps (except Apple TV+) have privacy practices that put consumers' privacy at considerable risk including selling data, sending third‐party marketing communications, displaying targeted advertisements, tracking users across other sites and services, and creating profiles for data brokers.


Are you really sure Analytics is the best tool to your users?

concerns aside the tools is widely blocked resulting in your stats to be misleading.

«58% of Hacker News, Reddit and tech-savvy audiences block Google Analytics»


«If you’re an enterprising pedophile with a basement full of -tainted iPhones, welcomes you to entirely exempt yourself from these scans by simply flipping the “Disable Photos” switch, a bypass which reveals that this system was never designed to protect children, as they would have you believe».


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