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«We know what you did during ».

An interrogation scene explores how has exposed the tension between the need for data to track and trace, and the right to privacy and justice.

«A Simple Fix Could Limit Location Data Sharing».

Carriers know where you are every time your reconnects to the cell network—but with Pretty Good Phone , they wouldn’t have to.

If you have a account, you can sign the first letter uniting security & privacy experts, researchers, professors, policy advocates, and consumers against 's planned moves against all of our .

Wasabi is an , non-custodial, -focused wallet for Desktop, that implements CoinJoin.

Wasabi creates trustless CoinJoin transactions over the network. The CoinJoin coordinator cannot steal from, nor breach the privacy of the participants.

Tech enthusiasts: my entire house is smart.

Tech workers: The only piece of technology in my house is a printer and I keep a gun next to it so I can shoot it if it makes a noise I don’t recognize.

A must-read for everyone: «Luxury »

People pay a premium for tracking technologies that get imposed unwillingly on others.

«All the ways Amazon tracks you and how to stop it».

has huge amounts of information about you. Is its convenience worth your personal data?

«It’s time to ban surveillance-based advertising»

Recently, the Consumer Council published a report calling for a ban on -based .

Dutch Consumer Union sues for 1.5 billion(!) euro for illegally profiling children and processing children’s data. This is how the and the (sort of Dutch class action) work together.

has carried out a privacy audit of 's upcoming protocol. Says it found " properties that could create significant risks"

Privacy analysis of FLoC:

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