NEW: DuckDuckGo surpasses 100 million daily search queries for the first time

reached this historic milestone in a week when both Signal and Telegram saw a huge influx of new users.

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Hey! I've discovered on matrix a german local administration that hosts its own Mastodon instance. They also have Threema and Telegram accounts... So no WhatsApp!

Why this is not a thing on every country? I mean, as a public service, you should not force your citizens to use any app or service that collects your personal data.

#privacy #fediverse

@xuv I did the same some years ago. Life goes on, you will discover you will be able to reach all of your contacts using different platforms. Well done!

The point of all this isn't accessible privacy it's inaccessible surveillance.

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They will say that this delivers on the dream of secure usable communication that balances privacy, and law enforcement.

I believe that your social connections, friendship groups and patterns of life should not be monetized or sold for profit. I believe that actual and security must protect metadata as well as content.

When we celebrate Facebook bringing end to end encryption to millions more people we miss the forest for the trees.

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Facebook are going to monetize encrypted messaging by consolidating metadata analysis of 3 key platforms (Messenger, & Instagram). They will make money by tracking your relationships and social groups. They will make that information easily accessible to law enforcement.

They will build the largest system ever conceived and will sell it under the banner of consumer encryption.

If you ever tought you had succesfully left Facebook, now you are back in again by just using . The same tracking (if not more intrusive) will apply and be shared within the company.

«WhatsApp will share your data with whether you like it or not».

Yes, you can use the Telegram "People Nearby" feature to triangulate the location of other users who have the same feature enabled

Other apps had this same feature and they've removed it. Wonder what's taking so long for the team to do the same.

This is the best article so far explaining why the future of computing is all SoC based .I guess Intel/AMD will need to review their plans to eat the cake as they used to do.

«Why Is Apple’s M1 Chip So Fast?»

This is what happens when you do not use a preserving approach by design and by default. Glad that GAEN-based contact tracing apps provide stronger guarantees and can be trusted by citizens.

«Singapore Police Force can obtain TraceTogether data for criminal investigations»

@ennedia well, at least, if you will do your homework, both protocols will work fine together. Retro-computers will never see the latest Chrome releases.

@ennedia Nicola, I am sorry but it seems like Google is working against you:

To avoid this, just be sure to offer the contents on the proper protocol if you enable both (no mixed-contents).

«Overall, AppTrackingTransparency is a great step forward for Apple. When a company does the right thing for its users, EFF will stand with it, just as we will come down hard on companies that do the wrong thing. Here, is right and is wrong. Next step: Android should follow with the same protections. Your move, .» - EFF

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