«How tracks you across the web, even if you don’t use the app».

Consumer Reports found that the company uses some of the same techniques as , , and other companies to collect personal data.


«Meta accused of breaking the law by secretly tracking users».

was sued on Wednesday for alleged undisclosed and in its and apps on iPhones.


@neox_ I know what you mean, I use Matrix myself but I understand helping people using more widely used (and still safe) tools right now could be important. Sometime there is no time to discover and learn the best solution. It’s pretty easy for us, reading all of this mess by our sofa.

Any suggestion is always welcome and for sure people could find them useful so share them please!

«Meta faces mounting questions from Congress on data as hospitals remove tracker».

In June, The Markup reported that pixels on the websites of 33 of top 100 hospitals in were transmitting the details of patients’ doctor’s appointments to Meta when patients booked on the websites.


« pitches cyber law to fix patchy Internet of Things»

The European Commission has presented a new Cyber Resilience Act proposal aimed at imposing new requirements on -connected devices ranging from "smart" toys and fridges to cameras.


fined €405M for violating kids’ .

The Irish Data Protection Commission has fined -owned social media platform for violations of the .


« After self-hosting my for twenty-three years I have thrown in the towel. The oligopoly has won».

Email is now an oligopoly, a service gatekept by a few big companies which does not follow the principles of .


I read more and more often about people using SIM-free mobile phones in order to protect a little bit more their .

Do you own/use any? Did you setup a dummy account on it?

«If we accept as normal and unavoidable that everything in our lives can be aggregated and sold, then we lose so much more than data. We lose the to be human». - Tim Cook

«I'm concerned about the harmful effects of a market based around leveraging massive amounts of people's data. I’m especially concerned about harms to civil rights and equal opportunity, the proliferation of , harms to competition, and increasing labor exploitation, including through worker ».
- "Disputing the Dogmas of Surveillance Advertising
National Advertising Division Keynote 2021" by Rebecca Kelly Slaughter

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«The first assumption I would like to challenge is the idea that “privacy” is the only concern for consumers in digital markets. Of course, is critically important — I share the view that it is a fundamental right. But it is not the only important concept.» - Rebecca Kelly Slaughter


«Twitter executives opted to allow to become more dependent upon revenue coming from Chinese entities even though the Twitter service is blocked in . […] After Chinese entities paid money to Twitter, there were concerns within Twitter that the information the Chinese entities could receive would allow them to identify and learn sensitive information about Chinese users who successfully circumvented the block».


The German Court ruled that use of Fonts without prior consent is a violation of Europe’s (General Data Protection Regulation) because exposes the visitor’s IP address. Court’s ruling threatens a fine of €250,000 for each case of infringement if the site owner does not comply.


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Are you a ? Please, keep in mind that unless the website asks for informed consent before it loads the there is no legal basis available to transfer the visitor personal data to and you should avoid/delay that request.

You are allowed to serve any font from any service after complying with .

@dad @aral the same applies to me. I did a migration and my followers were migrated whie my posts were not.


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