«If you weaken encryption, people will die».

doesn't mince his words.

@mootParadox Thanks for bringing back in my mind ffprofile! Anyway, my list is pretty similar. I don't like HTTPS Everywhere since is obsolete and doesn't work as expected (reddit.com/r/privacytoolsIO/co)

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Is there any self-hosted bit.ly alternative that is good out there?

I have the following requirements:

- PHP-based with a mariaDB backend
- Only registered users can create links
- Well maintained
- Free Software

#askfediverse #askfedi

@mootParadox the same applies to me. Which extensions are your must-to-have?

@castrillo thanks for your feedback. I am an happy DuckDuckGo user. MetaGer is nice but afaik it's mostly useful for germans.

«The Internet shouldn't feel so creepy and getting the you deserve online should be as simple as closing the blinds».

What Is the business model for ?


@vital876 you can always have a look under the hood, no? Due to the latest new I am not trusting as I did in the past, I know the project is bigger but seems like they lost their original propositions.

@RachaelAva1024 thanks for your feedback! My Firefox installation is already hardened af, so I didn't notice any difference until now.

Is anybody on here actively using as main ? I am planning to use it instead of Firefox.

For all other: LibreWolf is a fork of focused on .


@SaulRS951 you can just search online for other references about this topic then.

@SaulRS951 I am not sure to get what you said, anyway you can setup and expire time after that you get a notification to check/update the entry.

Are you still blaming for its implementation? Did you know is active and running every day on every content you send using ?

As long as you stay with your mailbox don’t expect any on your contents.

Google sends the images to , which sends them on to LE Task Force. The agent can open the attachment sans warrant.


@SrEstegosaurio I do agree it is often better than the average android ROM.

@PublicNuisance I understand what you mean but I wouldn't totally agree: it's always up to the developer to create something evil or not.

@ennedia the older I get, the more I am capable of ignoring what I don't endorse. We are lucky the world is big enough. :-)

system on is peace of mind for every administrator. You can snapshot a , run an update and in case of failure the rollback is just a few clicks away. It's an amazing feature for non virtualized environments.

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