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@Shamar @kuba_ @aral could you please explain? I am missing the point there. Thank you!

@aral @kuba_ yeah, that's for sure, they are paying to get those users. The others anyway, can use it without it, no?

@kuba_ @aral you can change it. I am looking for something on Firefox that is tracking on you with no choice.

@aral could you please clarify how are they using Firefox to track on you?

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I feel like more people should understand that saying you don’t know something is a way to gain credibility, not lose it.

Dutch Consumer Union sues for 1.5 billion(!) euro for illegally profiling children and processing children’s data. This is how the and the (sort of Dutch class action) work together.

@eriol @aral thank you eriol, that was a pretty interesting read.

@aral I don't get: you need to opt-in to the adv network when you install the browser, you get rewards/money when you enable it/see any ads. That's up to the user. Do you think the entire advertising industry should be destroyed? I think a shift from the usual paradigm is welcome and this one is not perfect but better than nothing. Am I missing your point?

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“Many internet users mistake this annoying situation as a direct outcome of the GDPR, when in fact companies misuse designs in violation of the law. The GDPR demands a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’, as reasonable people would expect, but companies often have the power over the design and narrative when implementing the GDPR.”

Missed this a couple of weeks ago, and it could make a huge difference to our browsing experiences (and compel sites to do better!)

has carried out a privacy audit of 's upcoming protocol. Says it found " properties that could create significant risks"

Privacy analysis of FLoC:

The global emits about the same quantity of greenhouse gases per year as the economies of France, Germany and the U.K. combined, according to McKinsey & Co. By 2030 it will need to cut emissions by about half, or it will miss the Paris Agreement’s goal of countries limiting global warning to 1.5 degrees Celsius. One way to do this is by promoting secondhand clothes, which can extend the average life of a garment by 1.7 times.

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“Why pick a smartwatch made by a company whose founder called early users ‘dumb fucks’ for trusting him? Why trust the company that had a full-page temper tantrum in several national newspapers because Apple introduced stronger privacy features?“

@freakazoid in the end it's only up to you to buy one or not. I don't. I am still using a ten year old 32" lcd tv which is more than enough for my needs. When I will upgrade it, I will keep it off from the internet: the "smart features" will come from my Smart systems (HA, Plex...).

@freakazoid keep it simple! I see so many folks on reddit running enterprise servers at home. I have a simple HPE MicroServer running FreeBSD and I am having the same fun.

@freakazoid I would suggest you to try then (, it's easy enough to setup and play with.

Those low-priced TVs are a vehicle for and they can track what you're watching.

makes nearly as much money from and data as it does from

Do you use any home automation system?

advances its leadership with 15, iPadOS 15, Monterey, and watchOS 8

- voice recognition on-device
- Mail app with tracking pixel protection
- Privacy Report/monitoring for every app

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