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Mastodonians, is there any plugin/way to easely embed a timeline into a website? (Similar to what you can do with

Since by threatens the Open Web, someone decided to build the AMPutatorBot.


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Cutting Google out of your life

I don’t have anything to hide, but I don’t have anything to show you either.

Alternatives to / filtering tools against Google services, surveillance, and ads.

#DeGoogle #google

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I’m noticing something emerge in the fediverse that probably shouldn’t be a surprise but caught my cynical ass off-guard: citizenship.

People proud of the community their instance provides, contributing not only financially, but building shared resources for their fellow netizens, and emotional support, counseling or even just cheerleading.

I genuinely believe that this is the way forward. Small, autonomous but communicating communities building shared resources because it feels good.

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In total, there are now 109 countries today that are either using or have approved the use of facial recognition technology for surveillance purposes.

In the UK, Local Authorities (Councils) are looking at people’s social media accounts, such as , as part of their intelligence gathering and investigation tactics in areas such as council tax payments, children’s services, benefits and monitoring protests and demonstrations.

«If you think that the police are watching you when you go to the bank, or you go to the doctor’s office, or you go to the church or the synagogue or the mosque, you’ll be less likely to exercise those freedoms».

Facial Recognition Violates Human Rights.

Once you have a centralized network of cameras that can easily have access to without a warrant, you essentially have a police network by another name.

New: A in Michigan is requiring all students to install an app that tracks their around the clock. Students can't opt-out. If students refuse, they face suspension. Worse, the app had two major security flaws that exposed private data.

«Whoops, our bad, we may have 'accidentally' let Home devices record your every word, sound – oops»

NEW: 's Great Firewall is now blocking all encrypted traffic using 1.3 and

-Block put in place last week, at the end of July
-HTTPS+TLS1.3+ESNI prevents the GFW from determining the destination of an HTTPS connection, hence the ban

I am going to leave when the number of followers on Mastodon will be bigger than the one on Twitter.

Are you with me?

does not exist without .

Please keep your software and your electronic devices up to date.

Turns out is a huge .

I am honestly surprised did not acquired it already.

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