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Investigation Xoth: location

The found in these 450 are notable not only for their global reach but also a continual presence at the heart of scandals.

The New York Times shows once more how easy it is to identify people through their apps. In a , this data should not be collected. The police don't need it. And it is available for too many companies and people to misuse.

The data showed what some in the tech industry might call a God-view vantage of that dark day. It included about 100,000 location pings for thousands of smartphones.

«The model of online platforms not only has an impact on free and fair competition; it also has an impact on our democracies, our security and the quality of our information. This is why we need to limit, by democratic means, the huge and currently largely unchecked political power of the internet giants ».
- Open letter from the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen

Canadian authorities say Clearview is "illegal," and threatens further action if the startup does not stop collecting facial recognition data on Canadians.

Think of your favourite news website. Check its behaviour on this inspector:

If you find one not telling about your visits please reply here under.

Signal discovered that Tecnomobile devices (some of the most popular phones in ) enable notifications for apps like , but block notifications by default.

should be the default but is using its money power to crush competition across the globe.

“Privacy is a competition issue, but privacy regulators’ failure to enforce privacy rules is the persistent failure that holds back progress – even more than the slow turning of the antitrust wheels.”

At 2021-01-29 at 21:35 UTC Google suspended from the Play Store without warning or notification.

Element is a generic chat app for connecting to the global Matrix communication network, just as Chrome is a generic web browser for connecting to the Web - and just as does not control the content on the Web, Element does not control the content on .

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Stop Using Cloudflare

1. It is a GIANT man in the middle - MITM.
2. Their DDOS protection is not that good.
3. You are contributing to a centralized Internet.

«Xinjiang really shows how is a gateway right, where if you have no privacy, that’s where you see that you have no freedoms as a human being at all».

You’re being policed on a micro level, both by human policing and by the application of the technology to you and your life.

The critique from also applied to , and players in the adtech industry. Mr Cook noted the average smartphone app contains «an average of six trackers» to «surveil and identify users across apps, watching and recording their behaviour».

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Apple chief Tim Cook attacks social platforms in escalating war of words

The recent tensions between and  began last year when the iPhone maker announced it was introducing a new feature called App Tracking Transparency, which compels app developers to ask users for permission to track them across apps to create personalised .

Tech companies are profiling us from before birth.

Children today are the very first generation of citizens to be datafied from before birth. The social and political consequences of this historical transformation have yet to be seen.

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Surveillance capitalism isn’t some corruption of capitalism; it’s just what capitalism is in the digital network age.


The European Commission is running two new investigations into :

- One on how the company is collecting, accessing, processing, using or monetising data,
- Another on its practices in regards to advertising technology.

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