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Russian buyers will soon be prompted to install software developed in that country, setting a precedent that other authoritarian governments may follow.

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If you enjoyed Fascism 1.0, boy are you going to love Fascism 2.0! Now with all the innovative new features brought to you by surveillance capitalism.

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For people who think it's okay to run random codes ("javascript") in their browser, because they are running it in a "sandbox".


The Security Education Companion is a resource for people teaching digital to their friends and neighbors

I really love those people able to say «I don't know, I can't answer» in a world where everybody has an idea on everything.

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“Like the majority of Google’s privacy pushes that we’ve seen until now, the FLoC proposal isn’t as user-friendly as you might think. For one thing, others have already pointed out that this proposal doesn’t necessarily stop people from being tracked across the web, it just ensures that Google’s the only one doing it.”

Google’s FLoC is a terrible idea.

«Every site you visit will have a good idea about what kind of person you are on first contact, without having to do the work of you across the ».

That's the result of proclaming the end of third-party cookies.

Would you notice if fake news changed your behavior? An experiment on the unconscious effects of disinformation

«The great hack» is a great you should see to better understand how data harvesting is changing history and society.

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“[Mullvad’s] public DNS service (currently in beta) offers DNS over HTTPS (DoH) and DNS over TLS (DoT), with QNAME minimization and basic ad blocking. It has been audited by the security experts at Assured.”


For any app that asks for your Contacts list: unless you contact each & every person in your list & ask their permission to share their birthday, phone #, real location, all emails, & any notes you have on them w the app you want to install, do not click Allow. It is unethical.

«We need privacy to explore new ideas freely, to make up our own minds. protects us from unwanted pressures and abuses of power. We need it to be autonomous individuals, and for democracies to function well we need citizens to be autonomous».

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