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Wow, ok, this is freaky.

New computer. Fedora Silverblue 36. Not signed into anything. Location services is on (using Mozilla location services). I’ve been living in Ireland now for 3+ years.

I open GNOME Maps app. I grant it location access. I press the “Go to current location” button.

It goes to the exact location of the home we had in Malmö, Sweden.

What. The. Fuck?

OK, so I have no idea how that’s possible. Mozilla must have somehow cached that location but how do they know it’s me?

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I want a public space that prohibits internet use, encouraging humans to do things other than doom scroll.

Classic arcades, pinball, retro consoles, mechanical puzzles, tabletop games, vinyl/cassette music, musical instruments, art supplies, etc.

New Consumer Reports research shows that and similar devices can capture your audio at conversational tones taking place 20-30 feet away. It «really changes the paradigm of privacy».

The affected apps contained from a stealthy company called 'Measurement Systems' that did not only share location data, but also email, phone number and data on nearby devices, and it was even able to harvest clipboard data and scan files in the download folder.

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« bans apps with hidden data-harvesting »

TL;DR: Researchers caught a data broker tied to US national harvesting extensive personal information including precise location via apps, QR readers, speed-trap detectors and prayer apps installed on >60m smartphones.

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Privacy hack: if you want to share a link to a Twitter thread elsewhere and you don’t want people to be tracked by Twitter, Inc., replace with


- Gatekeepers will have to provide open and documented APIs to their services, on request, in order to facilitate (i.e. so that other services can communicate with their users).
- These APIs must preserve the same level of end-to-end encryption (if any) to remote users as is available to local users.
- This applies to 1:1 messaging and file transfer in the short term, and group , file-transfer, 1:1 and group VoIP in the longer term.

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«Deal on Markets Act: rules to ensure fair competition and more choice for users».

The EU Parliament & Council agreed on the contents of the Digital Markets Act - new legislation from the EU intended to limit anticompetitive behaviour from tech “gatekeepers”.

«What Data do the Google Dialer and Messages apps on send to Google?»

A research by Trinity College Dublin.

TL;DR: whenever you are calling/messaging someone, you are calling too.

Google will be sunsetting the current version of and will move to Analytics v4, which will stop storing IP addresses.

Don’t be fooled: nowadays IPs are less relevant than other metrics collected (think of Relay or wider usage worldwide).

The Italian SA fined the US-based company EUR 20 million after finding it applied what amounted to monitoring techniques also to individuals in the Italian territory and ordered the company to erase the data relating to individuals in .

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In Romania 2022 is the new 1984 

The Senate of Romania just passed a new law that forces all internet and telecom providers to record all encrypted and un-ecrypted traffic, on their cost, and also provide a way for the Romanian Intelligence Service to extract the data "as needed".

The new 100 page law was provided for review 10 minutes before the session and it was passed after 30 minutes of "debate". But there is good news...

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In the past month many use-cases for bitcoin have shown themselves.

From #bankAccounts made inaccessible in #Australia to #Canada, and now in parts of the world where ppl are fighting neoNazis. Its clear that a #censorshipResistant money is needed — even the RubyOnRails creator has come around!

In terms of full privacy for bitcoin, its tough as we don't recommend mixers. Using #BitcoinCore with #I2P or #Tor may help. The more ppl using Tor the better! Monero is also proving helpful.

Seems like are being used to help . Their government setup two addresses (BTC/ETH).

You are welcome to give your support but keep in mind that those chains are not . As long you don't use any your donation could be connected to you one day. Be careful, you today could be vital in the future.

If you are using I would suggest you to remove any connection between you and your donation.

Use of and data transfers to the United States: the CNIL orders a website manager to comply with the and, if necessary, to stop using this service under the current conditions.

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Is Google Analytics illegal?

Yes, said the Austrian Data Protection Authority and today the French DPA agreed!

Exciting times to be a European, privacy-focused web analytics project 🔥

«I don't know why people are so keen to put the details of their private life in public; they forget that invisibility is a superpower».
- Banksy

«Welcome to the Burner Phone Olympics»

’s Winter Games are overshadowed by human rights problems and overreaching state .

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