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Cookie popups: Twitter repost 

Once again; loud and slow for the people at the back:


Cookie popups came from the adtech industry’s disinclination to comply with ePrivacy law and make it so annoying to avoid surveillance advertising that people wouldn’t bother

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"Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed; everything else is public relations" - George Orwell

Journalists are routinely subject to surveillance, because they publish things that you're not supposed to know.


, , , direct messages can be read by any super-user (administrators, server operators & so on).
On happens to be the same. Your instance admin can read all your DMs.

Mastodon already implemented most of the server-side bits, but several challenges remain to implement the feature in clients.

Keep this in mind and choose your media wisely when communicating sensitive data.

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Can anyone explain an aspect of #defederation on #Mastodon?

Specifically: if I mutually follow someone from Instance B, and my instance defederates from theirs, can that person and I no longer see and interact with each other?

Researchers find Amazon uses Alexa voice data to target you with ads.

The report concludes that and third parties (including advertising and services) collect data from your interactions with through smart speakers and share it with as many as 41 partners.

At least you can say you are not alone at home anymore.

41 fu**ing partners.

You will gain freedom from , from capitalistic dynamics inside the network (i.e. suggested timeline playing with your emotions...) and will promote a user-respecting web. This will pay long term.

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I know the is no perfect. Nothing is.

Don't be fooled from one bad-managed instance. That's not the entire network.

You are free to move away as when you change your email provider. You can join another instance close to your ideas and culture. You can run your own one.

In any case you will be able to speak with those you want to and ignore what's away from your spirit.

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Think of it: what are you doing right now here is communicate/socialize with people without , data-harvesting, ghost-control of your behaviour.
That's life changing to me. It's like when breathing fresh air.

is digital fresh air. 🙂

That's something you should give credit to and value in your life.

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Another tip: Every Mastodon account has RSS built in. Just add .rss to the end of the URL for your account, e.g.

That lets people follow your public posts from an RSS reader, but it's also useful if you wanted to use IFTTT to crosspost your public posts to another platform.

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Edward helped create Zcash coin

The was one of six people holding part of a private key to create using the pseudonym "John Dobbertin."

I am thinking about stop posting on (in my case I see no value in doing it) but for all the folks joining not ready yet to forget about Twitter, here it is a tool to auto-post your toots on Twitter:

Mastodon is not about closing yourself in a seashell, Mastodon is about , awareness and

Facebook doesn’t know what it does with your data, or where it goes: leaked document.
«We do not have an adequate level of control and explainability over how our systems use data,” engineers say in leaked document»

The document raises the question of whether Facebook is able to broadly comply with

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#RFC1984 When I talk about mass data collection and the danger from each little bit of data and metadata we put up there; the danger isn't just from Governments and Law enforcement. It's from any power structure that seeks control. That data is leverage. #virtualpanopticon
RT @FoxCahn
(1) #ElonMusk isn’t just buying #twitter, he’s buying every DM, private tweet, and bit of metadata it has, and I’m terrified what that means for society.…

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@jwildeboer Same router. Unbelievable violation of privacy. So Mozilla is keeping location history tied to your router. I never consented to that. If this doesn’t violate GDPR at its core, we might as well throw GDPR in the bin.

And to think Mozilla Location Services is presented during the installation process of nearly every Linux distribution.

This is a scandal.

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Wow, ok, this is freaky.

New computer. Fedora Silverblue 36. Not signed into anything. Location services is on (using Mozilla location services). I’ve been living in Ireland now for 3+ years.

I open GNOME Maps app. I grant it location access. I press the “Go to current location” button.

It goes to the exact location of the home we had in Malmö, Sweden.

What. The. Fuck?

OK, so I have no idea how that’s possible. Mozilla must have somehow cached that location but how do they know it’s me?

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I want a public space that prohibits internet use, encouraging humans to do things other than doom scroll.

Classic arcades, pinball, retro consoles, mechanical puzzles, tabletop games, vinyl/cassette music, musical instruments, art supplies, etc.

New Consumer Reports research shows that and similar devices can capture your audio at conversational tones taking place 20-30 feet away. It «really changes the paradigm of privacy».

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