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I'm wondering if the EDPB shouldn't intervene with an official communication against #Microsoft as they are once again misleading the public, first with their invalid SCCs and now by stating they comply and exceed EDPB's recommendations.

There is absolutely nothing in their blog and attached document that resembles any of the additional measures required to comply with EDPB's recommendations but it seems like it doesn't really matter to them.

#SchremsII #Privacy

How the U.S. Military Buys Location Data from Ordinary .

«A Muslim prayer app with over 98 million downloads is one of the apps connected to a wide-ranging supply chain that sends ordinary people's personal data to brokers, contractors, and the military. [...] It is safe to say from this context that the reasonable consumer—who is not a tech person—would not have military uses of their data in mind, even if they read the disclosures».

ViDL is a free app that allows you to easily download videos from and hundreds of other websites for offline viewing.

It is based on the popular youtube-dl command line tool, but much easier to use, especially with videos/playlists that require a login (like your personal "Watch Later" list).

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Campaign “Reclaim Your Face” calls for a Ban on Biometric Mass Surveillance.

Civil society across Europe demands that national authorities listen to their communities about the risks of using and other biometric technologies in public spaces. The coalition calls to ban biometric mass , in reaction to the rapid and secretive roll out of invasive and unlawful technologies by police forces and authorities in many countries.

Note to self: don't be that guy moaning and yelling every day on a social. Be proactive, be positive, share happiness and knowledge. You will get it back.

Please check your timeline and stop sharing negativity, it happens, we can see it w/o your unuseful comments.

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Good to see #EU #EDPB is finally confirming what I wrote a few months ago:

Some US #Cloud providers lied to you when stating a new contract would fix #GDPR compliance.

More, sometimes impractical, measures must be implemented to be able to allow US corporation to process/transfer EU citizens personal data:

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Here’s how a well-connected security company is quietly building mass biometric databases in West Africa with EU aid funds: meet Civipol.

I finally did it! My instance is fully safe now. Did you setup your automated backups? :)

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Is anybody out there able to help me on succesfully my mastodon database?

I am trying to use this script ( but it fails on accessing to the db. I don't get which kind of grants I should add to my user (the one configured inside .env.production) in order to complete the job. I am trying to run the job with the same user.

I have already tried with "grant all privileges for mydb to myuser;" with no success.

Any suggestion is appreciated!

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So I had the opportunity to field test for the first time the #ZipCall #P2P video calling platform, and called overseas from directly within my browser.

The result? Faster, better quality than WhatsApp, and the - true - freedom to use any platform you want.

Needless to say, I'm switching away forever from nonfree software when calling my significant contacts from now on. Victory!

ban follows the terrorist attack

In the EU Council of Ministers, a resolution was made ready within five days, obliging platform operators such as , and Co to create master keys for monitoring E2E-encrypted chats and messages.


How will the 2020 Census protect privacy? Mathematically.

Excellent video on Differential Privacy and the Census.

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I'm excited to share my #apconf2020 talk, "Decentralized Social Media vs the Trolls."

In it, I tell how the #Fediverse, a #decentralized social network, rallied together to isolate an invasive right wing extremist group through codes of conduct, human moderators, and strong moderation tools.

Thanks to @ashfurrow, @emi, @maffsie,, @laurelai and all the folks who gave me their time and perspective.

(Hosted on a #peertube instance,!)

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